SketchUp Webinars Available

3 and 6 hour webinar options for SketchUp Training.

Need a quick training session to refresh or learn a new technique? Try a 3 or 6 hour online webinar screen sharing session. Topics can be customized to cover a variety of techniques or workflows or try out a basic course. Once you purchase a block, db-3D will schedule a date and time that meets your needs.

Online SketchUp Training in Oct & Nov

I am happy to announce that I will be conducting a few online SketchUp classes through This course provides a fundamental understanding of utilizing SketchUp Pro throughout the design process. This course is taught in 2 segments, 3 hours in the morning, a break for lunch and 3 hours in the afternoon. Hands-on exercises throughout this course will demonstrate techniques for utilizing the following skills:

  • Drawing and modification tools, with tips for speed and efficiency
  • Making specific selections, using groups or components and the proper use of the move tool
  • Measurements, precision and guides
  • Creating sections and modifying styles
  • An introduction to LayOut

In addition to these online sessions, I will be providing training throughout the northeast starting in January. Be on the lookout for dates in the weeks to come. In the meantime, here’s the link to the online sessions.


Visiting Professionals Workshop at NC State University

On friday, I will be giving my first workshop for SketchUp’s Visiting Professionals Program. The day is full of opportunities for students to learn SketchUp. I’ll be giving a beginners and advanced workshop as well as a demo/talk. The photo in this post displays the  material the university used to promote the event.

V-Ray for SketchUp 2.0 Released

I’m really excited that the release of V-Ray for SketchUp 2.0 is finally here. I used the previous version with limited success. The new features look to streamline and fix several of issues I had with the program. Hopefully in the coming weeks, I can post some examples of the new release and provide some feedback.



Book Preview on Revit Customization

Instant RevitI just got my hands on “Instant Autodesk Revit 2013 Customization with .NET How-to“.

As a designer, I am always looking on ways to improve efficiencies and workflow. A lot of the work I do in Environmental Graphic Design utilizes sign location plans and message schedules using Adobe Illustrator and Filemaker Pro.

As more and more architecture firms transition to Revit, consultants need to do the same to keep up and better collaborate. I am hoping this eBook will help me better understand Revit and how its customization of elements can change my everyday workflow.


Juror for Sketch Competition

As written in the Architect Magazine blog posting:

The Designated Sketcher reports that its next competition, the Extrusion Competition: From 2 to 3D, has opened for registration. “The jury will be looking for the project that best represents a sketch that transitions into a form, while maintaining the original essence of the raw idea,” the organizers write. “There will be an emphasis on both the graphic and informative nature of the 2D sketch and how well it translates into 3D.” Submittals are due July 22 and the jury includes Lucas Gray, Dan Brown, Jeffrey Pastva, and Jesse Widtfeldt.

The 2nd place winner will receive a 2 hour online SketchUp webinar that I am offering as part of the prize.

Here’s a link for more details on the competition.

Community Design Collaborative Project

I was asked a few weeks ago to be a volunteer for one of the  Community Design Collaborative’s latest projects.  My role was to create a rendering for the layout of the revised office space / call center.

The process involves creating the sketchup model from the existing cad file, adding the furniture specs, people, lighting etc.   Then using a layering technique, I mesh together the exported images into 1 final rendering.

In all, this was about 10-12 hours of total work from start to finish.